Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clojure Start

Started in Clojure a couple of nights ago, getting familiar with the language, syntax and functional programming in general. This one is definitely going to test me. I've read through a few online resources and made decent head way on a few of the Clojure books, however something in the language seems to be evading me. I haven't spent this much time in a language and still had, what seems to be pretty standard stuff for the language, be un-readable to me.

Shared learning

So I started bugging the others at work as they had just gone through what I'm starting into. I'm glad they going through the same things, they were able to get me past a few of my current hang-ups.

I'm also going to pair-program in Clojure with a fellow apprentice (Adam) in the mornings. It'll help me with Clojure, and both of us with pairing.



We're going to pair and write a really simple rpg. The focus is to get a better understanding of how to test and what can be tested in Clojure.